The EMFAD-measuring method is based on the evaluation of variations of electromagnetic field data caused by anomalies in the subsoil. It can locate -  conductive materials, such as metal, pipes, barrels, cables, reinforced concrete,electrolytic effluents, etc. -  irregularities like cavities, graves, faults, shafts, ground fills, deposits, caves,tunnels, landfills. The EMFAD-Technology has been successfully deployed in practice under variousdifferent climatic and geological conditions by professionals as well as by hobby researchers. Fields of application predominantly are archeology, geophysics, geology, hydrology and treasure loacating (treasure hunting) in very different application areas as archeological sites, industrial waste sites and waste deposits, building lots, mining ares, street- construction sites, military practice sites and other soil investigations. Technical Information: Electromagnetic sensor system -  Works world wide in passive mode with external Radio Stations and in active mode with own Transmitter/Generator Receiver frequency range -  External Frequencies: 0-160 kHz;   own Transmitter/Generator: 19, 24, 33, 70, 90 and 124 kHz Microprocessor controlled measurement -  Automatic mode:  Probe recording and Readings are stored automatically 2/second, 1/s, 1/2s and 1/4s –  Manual mode:  Manual triggering, Readings stored automatically via Bluetooth on TABLET-PC Presentation of Measurement -  In real time on TABLET-PC Measuring point density - Dependent on step length, step speed and distance between measured profiles >= 10 cm Depth of localisation -  Overview >= 12 m;  Detail up to 12 m Weight -  2.5 kg Operation time -  Receiver/Bluetooth: 8 h;  Transmitter/Generator: 8 h;  TABLET-PC 9 h Anbient temperatur -  -10 to +55 C Data processing -  With recording- and presentation software EMFAD-TAB in real time on TABLET-PC –  With evaluation software EMFAD-ScanDS for 2D and 3D presentation, modeling and printing Data export For further processing and documentation to Microsoft-EXCEL and SURVER from Golden Software or any other program, which handles ASCII-Files

Box_Inhalt Scope of supply complete system: – EMFAD-UG12 DS, Receiver – EMFAD-TRX2, Transmitter/Generator – Carrying bag for TABLET-PC – Recording- and presentation software EMFAD-TAB – Evaluation software EMFAD-Scan – User manual for Hard- und Software – Accessories (Battery charger, Cable, Antenna loop – Aluminium-Transportkoffer

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Horizontal method: Main field of application for measurements is the horizontal method. While comfortably holding the device large areas are easy to mesure. Both antennas can be steered and triggered individually. Vertical method:This method is mainly used for small surveys where a high resolution is needed. Both antennas can be steered and triggered individually.